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Our Jewish Roots - Mysteries of the Messiah: Unveiling Divine Connections from Genesis to Today" by Rabbi Jason Sobel | Share the Gift

Our Jewish Roots

The world is so indebted to the Jewish people. Through them came the Messiah in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ. While it is true that the Old Testament is now ended through the fulfillment...

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CRT Christ's Radical Teaching | Share the Gift

CRT Christ’s Radical Teaching

CRT is in all the news today but what about another CRT? What would the world look like if everyone decided to follow Jesus Christ (God's CRT)? We will find out when we get to heaven. There w...

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Gentleman reading a bible | Mind Control from Share The Gift's weekly newsletter The Message

Mind Control

For most of us, the concept of mind control is a little scary. Rightfully so, we don't like the idea of giving up control of our life to someone else. But our minds are constantly subject to influe...

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Woman head down in prayer | All Are Guilty from Share The Gift's weekly newsletter The Message

All Are Guilty

Join the club! All have fallen short of the perfection that God desires. All have sinned, all are worthy of death. "All" means the entire human race, no special classes of people are exempt. Rich, ...

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Human and dog relaxing in a field | Spirtual Penicillin - A Dog Story from Share The Gift's weekly newsletter The Message

Spiritual Penicillin – A Dog Story

Four nights in a row with no sleep. Our dog had a problem that caused barking every 30 minutes or so all night long. As often happens, the problem developed over the weekend and our vet could not see ...

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Person atop a mountain | Victory Over Sin from Share The Gift's weekly newsletter The Message

Victory Over Sin

"Where sin increased, grace increased all the more."What a wonderful promise from God! All of us have sinned, all of us have failed by omission or commission to measure up to God's perfect standards. ...

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