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Sun shining through the Trees

Pleasing God

What is your goal in life? What are you seeking to accomplish? What do you dream about? The answers to those questions will drive many of your life choices. Most would make their goals centered aro...

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blue sky with clouds

Critical Human Race Theory

What is Critical Race Theory? That was a question many of us asked in recent months and years. It came across as a new insight into humanity, a new body of knowledge added to our children's curriculum...

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Happy New Year!

2022 is a year that may be very happy or very unhappy, we don't know the circumstances beforehand do we? But, it is safe to say that God wants us to have an inner joy and peace that is not subject ...

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Woman is praying and believing

God’s Chosen People – the Jews

God has chosen the Jewish people to be not only the channel but also the object of His salvation. God wrote 39 books in the Old Testament of the Bible to point to the 27 books of the New Testament. ...

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The True Message of Christmas

Take the time (only 14 minutes) to listen to the true message of Christmas as we prepare our hearts for this most sacred holy day. Jesus Christ is the King of kings, Omniscient, Omnipotent and the ...

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Someone holding a cross

Killing Guilt

It may seem quite bold to say that you are not guilty of anything but that is the will of God for your life. We need to understand that the only way to get to Not Guilty is to start with Guilty. We...

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Woman Standing on Beach at Sunset

Living in Joy

The greatest part of any healthy relationship is knowing that you are loved unconditionally. That's how God wants us to relate to Him. He is Love. He so loved the world that He sent Christ to die for ...

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Socialism and the Gospel

As you listen to Pastor Mark discuss socialism and Christianity, keep in mind that both are systems that seek to control behavior. They are powerful motivators that lead in opposite directions. The...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, our thoughts naturally turn to the good things in our life. What are you most thankful for? Money or a home? A successful career? Perhaps a loved one or maybe go...

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Woman standing with open arms toward the sunlight | Share The Gift The Justice of God The Message

The Justice of God

Much has been said on behalf of the word JUSTICE. We should seek to understand that word from God's perspective. Justice speaks to fairness and to getting what is deserved. For the moment, think only ...

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Praying hands over a bible | Share the Gift The Message God's Gift to Us

God’s Gift to Us

Imagine that millions of dollars were placed in an account in your name to be released on the death of someone who loved you. Christ has made a far greater deposit on your behalf: treasures such as ...

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America Flag Flying: The Future of America | Share the Gift: The Message

The Future of America

Tiff Shuttlesworth delivers a powerful message on what the future of America will be. See below. He provides four scenarios. You may or may not agree with him. You may have a fifth scenario. But we...

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